Your generation (I am your father’s generation) has been brainwashed into thinking that it is OK to hate as long as you hate bigots. That is also why you also think it is OK to hate a person of conscience who defends people whose civil liberties have been violated or their speech suppressed because of their politically incorrect views on race or current events or history (see Are there any Christians out there who see a fallacy in this?  Anger, dialogue, persuasion, OK. Banning, imprisonment and hate, not OK.

I am a Californian, and I have friends who are in homosexual relationships (although maybe not after they see this–but that would be their choice, not mine), and I voted for Prop 8.  My fiancee is a second grade teacher. I didn’t particularly want her to be forced to teach small children that same sex coupling was as normative as male female coupling. Mark my words, it would come to that. Regardless of what you think of same sex attraction, and why it happens, “gay” relationships should not be taught as normative, even though I am quite sure that most of you have been taught otherwise in Rocky Horror University Shows across this nation.

For those who are interested in the “gay” scene, with an Amish-Mennonite twist, I recommend Gregg Olsen’s Abandoned Prayers, about the (now-deceased) Eli Stutzman of Ohio. I do not speak from personal experience or with certainty, but the book inadvertently makes a strong case that many of those who are “gay” were sexually abused as children. I personally know of four young men (my generation, not yours) from the same Mennonite church who were attracted to the same sex. Biology, you say?

Expand your horizons, and turn from the shepherds of this culture to the Shepherd, Gen Next!