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What Do You Do When A Federal Court Finds You To Be Anti-Semitic?

Escondido, CA (2/3/2014)–On May 15, 2013, a two-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals in New York City made a finding that I was anti-semitic. The court ordered that my client and I pay double the costs of our adversaries in defending against the motion I had filed that led to the finding.

Fortunately for my modest resources, these adversaries had incurred no costs opposing that particular motion. Two times zero is still zero. But zeroing out the damage to my reputation will prove harder. Here goes “nothing.”   Read more…

GIA Exhibit Removed by MEDA Officers

Columbus, Ohio (11/7/08) -- Officers with Mennonite Economic Development Associates ("MEDA") told Bruce Leichty that the permission of Good Information Advocates to exhibit and sell materials had been revoked, and forcibly removed the exhibit, on 11/5/08 barely two...

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Carl, Yeah, well you didn't read the book either, now did you? (to adopt a manner of speech). You were only looking for one thing, to prove your prejudices, and you did it, yeh! Three cheers for scholarship; you are a great credit to your alma mater and may be in line...

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Your Generation

Your generation (I am your father's generation) has been brainwashed into thinking that it is OK to hate as long as you hate bigots. That is also why you also think it is OK to hate a person of conscience who defends people whose civil liberties have been violated or...

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In Memory Of Jasch Regehr       In January 1933, Jasch (Jakob) Regehr wrote from a bleak Soviet  gulag  prison  camp  to  his  sister  and  brother-in-law  in Canada, "If it would be possible to write all our days into a book under one title, it would certainly be...

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Church Executives Harrass Pamphleteers

"I'm a Nasty Guy" On Tuesday morning, July 5, I was distributing flyers for the "Now Speak With Boldness" forum in the convention center near the doors to the Exhibit Hall, when I got a phone call from Debra Bender.  Debra had come from Florida to assist me in...

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Deported Publisher Called Martyr for Conscience

Los Angeles, CA (2/12/05)--Weaving stories of her own flight from a war-torn Mennonite colony into a defense of her embattled husband Ernst Zundel, novelist Ingrid Rimland warned a California audience on February 3 that "what plagued us then in Russia...has now come...

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Unless special circumstances are presented to the host, all comments must include the commenter’s legal name (first and last preferred, one name with one initial also accepted).   In the spirit of freedom of speech the host is committed to approving virtually all comments, even those believed to be false, hateful or deplorable, although obscenities may be edited out or their use may be grounds for excluding a comment.   GIA does not support or promote hate whether directed to individual or group, and strongly discourages hateful comments and personal attacks; however, wide latitude will be given even to such comments based on the unacceptable broadening of the definition of “hate” in contemporary culture and social media, and based on the importance in some contexts of “naming names.”  GIA will treat readers at this website as adults capable of distinguishing between post and comment, and between dissent and hate, anger and hate, critique and hate.  The failure of the host to either exclude or reply to a comment that would widely be viewed as offensive or defamatory does not imply endorsement of or sympathy with the substance or tone of that comment.

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