Good Information Advocates

You are invited to become a member of Good Information Advocates, an association dedicated to providing commentary and critique on the shape of information that reaches North American Mennonites (and others) from mainstream sources, whether from church or society.

Along the way, Good Information Advocates (GIA), in the role of responsible watchdog and gadfly–under God–also intends to provide you with information and perspective that you may not be getting from other sources.  GIA may not be for everyone.  Seven working premises of GIA are listed here.

Good Information Advocates carries out its functions as follows:

  • Serve as a clearinghouse and “safe place” to gather and pass on information from its members and interested friends.
  • Function as a voice for marginalized opinion and perspective, particularly within Mennonite-related churches.
  • Sponsor occasional events featuring speakers on topics of special interest to Mennonites and other people of faith.
  • Call media, church leaders and institutions to holistic faithfulness and accountability in their political pretensions.

GIA intends to accomplish its goals by, among other things, publishing a regular newsletter and developing this website.

If you would like to join GIA, please complete and return the form provided.

Yours for good information,

Bruce Leichty


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Download and print out the form and follow the instructions.

Good Information Advocates Is Not a Tax-Exempt Organization

At this time, Good Information Advocates is not a tax-exempt organization. Contributions to GIA are not tax-deductible.

GIA believes that obtaining the status of a charitable organization will unnecessarily complicate its mission, and potentially subject it to unwelcome governmental regulation, including regulation preventing GIA from taking positions with political implications.