What We Are Advocating

Good Information Advocates is a work in progress.  Because we see the media (television, newspapers, radio, Internet) as the single most powerful force for shaping opinion and community, we focus on the media.  We bring the following premises to our work.  


  1. We are counter-cultural.  We view success and acceptance warily, and we value the prophetic voice and the witness of the faithful remnant.  We charge the mainstream media serving both the Mennonite church and other mainstream Christian churches, and North American society, with frequent failure to report on or follow up or glossing over truly important events.  Our institutions often fail to provide analysis and information that would truly help us build stronger communities “under God.”
  2. We believe in an unseen reality.  Not only do we believe in God, and in truth and error, right and wrong, we believe that in our communities there is an ongoing spiritual war between the principalities and powers of this world and citizens of God’s kingdom seeking to do God’s will.  We believe that mainstream media are themselves captive to, or that they willfully ignore and/or underestimate the bondage of our so-called North American leaders to, a warped expression of Judaism (notably found in the Talmud), satanic cults, oath-bound societies, false religion and covert predatory objectives. 
  3. We love others.  Out of our love for others arises not only a witness against abuse, violence and militarism, but a concern for honesty and integrity and understanding.  Because we love all people, our concern for fairness and justice is equal to our passion for peace.  Our love is neither naive or permissive. 
  4. We tell the truth.  The truth is sometimes inconvenient.  We confront each other in love.  We believe that our church and culture are damaged by a widespread perception that lying is necessary or inevitable, by the prevalence of destructive myths, and by the tactics of escape and avoidance.  We accept that there is a time and a place for confrontation and disclosure, and that to tell the truth without a redemptive spirit can be damaging.  We are not proud, or afraid to admit that we could be wrong.
  5. We do not believe that all cultures are equal.  We believe that God stands in judgment of all cultures.  The church does not exist to seek or glorify its own multiculturalism, but instead to be a community of the redeemed dedicated to obedience, truth-telling and love in the public realm, in each of our own communities locally, nationally and globally, with multicultural implications to follow.  We are neither racist nor “anti-racist,” since that latter term has come to stand for a set of simplistic half-truths about differences between people groups and inter-group relationships.  We believe in the supremacy of righteousness, not of race. 
  6. We forswear false gods in the form of illicit drugs and overdependence on pharmaceuticals and other substances such as alcohol and tobacco.  We believe that trafficking in these substances breeds a culture of crime and disease, and a culture of false intimacy with the transcendent.  We deplore the commercialization and idolization of sex.  We believe that we are obliged to be active in undermining the hold of these false gods.
  7. We forswear false economic and political gods.  We believe that God is as concerned with our economic and political choices as with our personal moral choices.  We oppose domination by elites and profiting at the expense of others, and we value people-friendly technology and the dignity of manual work.  We believe hard work should be rewarded.  We believe we are obliged to be active in making and supporting humane laws and in eliminating injustice.