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What Do You Do When A Federal Court Finds You To Be Anti-Semitic?

Escondido, CA (2/3/2014)–On May 15, 2013, a two-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals in New York City made a finding that I was anti-semitic. The court ordered that my client and I pay double the costs of our adversaries in defending against the motion I had filed that led to the finding.

Fortunately for my modest resources, these adversaries had incurred no costs opposing that particular motion. Two times zero is still zero. But zeroing out the damage to my reputation will prove harder. Here goes “nothing.”   Read more…

Zundel case update and links

Although I have been slow in posting the outcome, the final appeal of Ernst Zundel based on his illegal arrest and deportation from the United States in 2003 was denied in 2012, and Zundels did not wish to pursue what they believed would only be another futile effort to obtain Supreme Court review.   As before, the appellate decision is a depressing example of the mockery of justice that passes for nonpartisan federal court adjudication in politically charged cases such as this one. It can be read here.

I have not prepared a rebuttal because of the pressures of my own law practice, but all of the critical conclusions in this decision are fallacious, with the possible exception of the observation that Ernst Zundel can reenter the United States through ordinary consular processing, a declaration to which the government should be held.  The prospect of future reentry did not, of course, mean that Zundels had not adequately shown present injury at the hands of those who deported Ernst.

Some of you may also have interest in reading a blog post by a self-identifying Jew, Paul Eisen, titled “But How Could the Holocaust Not Be True,” which quotes an account of Ingrid Zundel and suggests why Ernst Zundel at one time made it is his life mission to vocally dissent from standard Holocaust historiography — a mission that brought such tremendous hardship to the Zundels but is worthy of the highest respect from all genuine free speech advocates, irrespective of their historical or religious views.   The Paul Eisen account is here.

Announcement of 10/20/2012:   Supporters of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, a long-time client of Bruce Leichty, have launched a legal defense fund to allow Mariani to petition for review by the United States Supreme Court and to distribute updated information on the case.  See www.marianilawsuit.com.


To listen to an hourlong interview with Bruce Leichty conducted 3/13/2010 by Kevin Barrett, 9/11 truth activist, former instructor at University of Wisconsin and now host of Truth Jihad Radio, go to the Truth Jihad Radio 2010 Archive and click on program for 3/13/2010.



     Knoxville, Tennessee–(12/8/09)–Ernst and Ingrid Zundel are insisting on  reconsideration  based  on  errors of  law  after  a Knoxville judge dismissed all their remaining claims against the government in federal district court November 10.  more…



San  Jose,  California–(11/8/09)–At  a special  meeting  of Mennonite Economic Development Associates held in San Jose November 5, MEDA officers announced to some 40 members in attendance that MEDA had reached a resolution with member Bruce Leichty, and that the MEDA Board was dropping its attempt to remove him from the membership of MEDA, Leichty said today.   More...



Clovis, California (GIA 9/29/09)–An attempt by Pennsylvania nonprofit Mennonite Economic Development Associates (“MEDA”) to expel  Bruce  Leichty from  its  membership  was  halted by  MEDA’s attorneys after Leichty notified MEDA September 17 that MEDA was proceeding under an unlawful corporate bylaw. Read more…



The following Los Angeles Times article (6/3/09) bearing the above heading, about two former controversial asylum clients of mine, is accurate as far as it goes, but it leaves out much information of importance, including information that I gave to reporter Mr. Parsons.   See the additional and earlier release published on this site. Incidentally, I withdrew from my representation of Mssrs. Sheppard and Whittle before their asylum cases were tried…   More…



In Memory Of Jasch Regehr

      In January 1933, Jasch (Jakob) Regehr wrote from a bleak Soviet  gulag  prison camp  to  his  sister  and brother-in-law  in Canada, “If it would be possible to write all our days into a book under one title, it would certainly be called `Lamentations.’ There would be days that can never be forgotten and which must go to the grave with me….The future is so very dark, only hunger and starvation, and again hunger.” Read more



By Bruce Leichty

Clovis, California (12/12/08)–Within the past couple months, I have been subjected to censorship by both the Mennonite Weekly Review and The Mennonite, the two main periodicals of the Mennonite world.   Read more


GIA Exhibit Removed by MEDA Officers

Columbus, Ohio (11/7/08) — Officers with Mennonite Economic Development Associates (“MEDA”) told Bruce Leichty that the permission of Good Information Advocates to exhibit and sell materials had been revoked, and forcibly removed the exhibit, on 11/5/08 barely two hours after he set it up. Read more

September 2008

Good Information Advocates regrets that plans for regularly publishing The Advocate have been shelved, at least for the time being.  No further issues have been published after July 2007 due mostly to lack of time on the part of Bruce Leichty, and to a lesser extent due to a lack of support. Lack of support is a lesser factor since GIA believes that it will take more publishing, more good information, for that support to grow. The need for better information in the U.S. and in the church has never been greater. For those who have followed the two legal cases that have been the main topic of these pages, here are brief updates:

  • Bruce Leichty is the subject of a gag order issued by a New Hampshire Probate Court judge preventing him, at least for now, from speaking to the media about the legal actions of 9/11 widow and truth advocate Ellen Mariani who he represents.
  • The (final?) efforts of Ernst and Ingrid Zundel to gain a measure of justice in the United States have been fully briefed and are in front of a new federal judge in Knoxville, Tennessee, close to the place of the political kidnapping of Ernst Zundel in 2/03.   Ernst has been illegally barred from returning to the United States for “20 years.”  Ernst remains incarcerated for his speech crime, “incitement of the people,” in Germany, but anticipates being able to return to the U.S. if the bar were overturned.

In his law practice Leichty is involved in numerous other legal challenges to abuses perpetrated by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and by administrative law judges and federal judges, directed at victims of persecution from various countries including Venezuela, Laos and Yemen, and at other principled dissidents.

Finally, in August 2008, Michael Hoffman’s new 1100-page book, Judaism Discovered , was released.  Hoffman has spoken at two GIA-sponsored events planned in conjunction with Mennonite Church conventions in 2007 and 2005.  Although banned by Amazon, Hoffman’s book can be ordered directly from www.revisionisthistory.org.   For those readers of Anabaptist orientation, GIA founder Bruce Leichty reports from his reading thus far that there are a surprising number of references to Amish and Mennonites in the book, and Leichty urges prayerful review and dialogue based on the contentions of Hoffman:  “It is clear that the book arises from profound Christian conviction and considerable scholarship.  While it is certainly controversial, one finds in Judaism Discovered good information in the truest counter-culture sense, presented with obvious redemptive motivation and not hatred, that is not available anywhere else.”

Forum:  “Putting Off Falsehood”

The forum “Putting Off Falsehood” was held July 4 and 5 at the Ramada Limited, San Jose, California, in conjunction with the convention of Mennonite Church USA (not in any way affiliated or sponsored by MCUSA).  Attendance was low but conversations were fruitful, according to Good Information Advocates founder Bruce Leichty.  Leichty also distributed at the convention the inaugural issue of The Advocate published by GIA (see below), at which time MCUSA San Jose 2007 convention coordinator Jorge Vallejos called convention security personnel in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the distribution.

Among the speakers appearing on the first day of the “Putting Off Falsehood” program, devoted to 9/11 Truth, were 9/11 survivor and artist Jeanette MacKinlay and Professor Paul Rea, author of Still Seeking the Truth About 9/11.   Speakers on the second day of the program, devoted to a number of revisionist and historical topics, were Ingrid Rimland Zundel of Tennessee, Horst Gerlach of Germany, Bruce Leichty, Michael Hoffman of Idaho, and one late addition, Californian Craig Heimbichner, author of Blood on the Altar:  The Secret History of the World’s Most Dangerous Secret Society.   A copy of the program flyer distributed to convention-goers (without map) appears here.

A third speaker featured on the 9/11 truth program was contacted by phone prior to the event by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (a Judaic oath-based society), which had labeled this event as well as a presentation featuring Ingrid Rimland Zundel in Fresno on June 30 as an “extremist” event.  Two representatives of the Fresno Judaic community challenged Ingrid Zundel and Leichty with questions at the June 30 event, and one Mennonite convention-goer, Tim Nafziger, challenged Michael Hoffman after his presentation on Judaism at the July 5 event in San Jose, quoting invective of Hoffman from 1994 which Hoffman characterized as satirical.

“These two GIA-sponsored events were extremist only in the sense that Good Information Advocates is attempting to take extremely seriously the message of Jesus Christ, with its implications for speaking truth to power and accountability of political, religious and financial elites,” according to Leichty.  “We also allow dialogue and dissent.  Some call themselves radical; we are trying to live the call.”

More complete reports of the “Putting Off Falsehood” and June 30 events will be published on the website as time permits. A report of the “Putting Off Falsehood” event prepared by speaker Michael Hoffman as distributed on The Hoffman Wire appears here.

The Advocate Premiers

The premier issue of The Advocate , a newsletter for American Christians, July 2007, Volume I, No. 1, was released at San Jose.  This 12-page print publication, scheduled to appear three times a year, featured in its first issue the following articles (most available only in print — see subscription information below).
  • “Ministers Equivocal on Secret Societies” (report of survey of Mennonite ministers conducted in the summer of 2005 by Good Information Advocates) (with sidebar regarding link alleged between Satanic Ritual Abuse and Freemasonry or some of its adherents)
  • “Generalissimo Menno” (article on the southern California Masonic pioneer Menno Bowman)
  • “Ludwig Keller and His Thesis” (summarizing theory of 19th century German Masonic historian about connections between predecessors to Anabaptists and Masons)
  • “Secrecy Is Repugnant,” transcript of speech given to newspaper editors in 1961 by former President John F. Kennedy
  • “Ernst Zundel and the Politics of Gotcha” (expanded version of article appearing on this website)
  • “Without Pretense,” opening editorial by Bruce Leichty.
 Articles to appear in the next issue of The Advocate, November 2007, include:
  • “The Great Seduction,” by Gustav Janzen (Brazil 1984) (first installment of first English translation of German pamphlet)
  • “The ADL:  The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”
  • “Why Are You Doing This?  On the Uneasy Path of Most Resistance”
Subscriptions to The Advocate  (for residents of North America), scheduled to be published three times a year, are $50 U.S., and may be obtained by sending $50 U.S. and a U.S. or Canadian address to:

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