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What Do You Do When A Federal Court Finds You To Be Anti-Semitic?

Escondido, CA (2/3/2014)–On May 15, 2013, a two-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals in New York City made a finding that I was anti-semitic. The court ordered that my client and I pay double the costs of our adversaries in defending against the motion I had filed that led to the finding.

Fortunately for my modest resources, these adversaries had incurred no costs opposing that particular motion. Two times zero is still zero. But zeroing out the damage to my reputation will prove harder. Here goes “nothing.”   Read more…

Israel Palestine Resolution

Papers regarding the Israel Palestine Resolution Why Delegates to the Upcoming MCUSA Convention Should Reject the "Seeking Peace in Israel Palestine Resolution Removed from the Table Threatened With Arrest for Spreading the Gospel

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Expulsion Averted

Convention center security are told to order Bruce Leichty off premises on threat of arrest; then after Leichty protests based on his delegate status, convention planner Glen Guyton conditions Leichty's further participation on acquiescence to Guyton ultimatum to not...

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No Chair at This Table

Ervin Stutzman Terminated Participation of California Delegate In A Pre-Convention Webinar On the Ground that the Delegate, Bruce Leichty, Was "Disruptive," Even Though Leichty Had No Voice. Was It Really Leichty's Warning About Use of the Term "Anti-semitism?" It...

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Resolution on Israel-Palestine

Bruce Leichty, Delegate, Lawyer and Member of MennoPIN (Mennonite Palestine-Israel Network) There are many good impulses but there are some profoundly problematic features of the resolution on Israel and Palestine that will be voted on at the delegate assembly of...

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Hoffman, Zundel Speak at Charlotte

       Charlotte, NC (7/18/05) -- Speakers Michael Hoffman and Ingrid Rimland Zundel brought their controversial messages to a small but receptive audience at the Hilton Garden Inn in Charlotte on July 7, only blocks away from where Mennonite Church USA was meeting...

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Knoxville, Tennessee--(12/8/09)--Ernst and Ingrid Zundel are insisting  on  reconsideration  based  on  errors  of  law  after  a Knoxville judge dismissed all their remaining claims against the government in federal district court November 10. In a motion filed...

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San Jose, California--(11/8/09)--At a special meeting of Mennonite Economic Development Associates held in San Jose November 5, MEDA officers announced to some 40 members in attendance that MEDA had reached a resolution with member Bruce Leichty, and that the MEDA...

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The following Los Angeles Times article   (6/3/09) bearing the above heading, about two former controversial asylum clients of mine, is accurate as far as it goes, but it leaves out much information of importance, including information that I gave to reporter Mr....

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